Hammock Greens Hyper local. Hyper fresh.


  • Hammock Greens - Ruby Red Orach

    Ruby Red Orach

    Lofty, purple-red leaves and stems. Earthy flavor. Organically grown.
  • Hammock Greens - Spicy Micro Mix

    Spicy Micro Mix

    Spicy, easy-to-grow mix. A colorful blend of red and green mustards with various textures. Spicy flavor pairs well with the Mild Micro Mix.
  • Hammock Greens - Garnett Red Amaranth

    Garnett Red Amaranth

    Attractive fuchsia stems and leaves. Mild, earthy flavor and unique color.
  • Hammock Greens - Lemon Balm

    Lemon Balm

    Tiny, shiny green leaves. Distinct lemon flavor. Finely-textured leaves. Excellent for adding a burst of citrus flavor to desserts and cool, refreshing cocktails.
  • Hammock Greens - Heirloom Carrots

    Heirloom Carrots

    Finely textured leaves. Mild carrot flavor. Sprinkle over a dish to create an interesting, delicate effect.
  • Hammock Greens - Anise


    Mild licorice flavor. Round, bright-green leaves with toothed margins. Try adding anise micros to dessert dishes such as cupcakes or ice cream for a casual hint of licorice.
  • Hammock Greens - Bright Light Chard

    Bright Light Chard

    A rainbow of bright and pastel stem colors. Red, yellow, pink, and orange stems. Mild spinach flavor. Increase plate appeal by adding Bright Lights micros with beautifully-varied stem colors.