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Hammock Greens - Lettuce in the US

Lettuce in US

8 million pounds of lettuce is produced on more than 167,000 acres of land each year. Imagine if that was done on 1,670 acres. That would be pretty amazing… That is one of the core concepts behind Hammock Greens.

Hammock Greens - Land


Minimal space requirements make the Farm we use at Hammock Greens an easy fit in a variety of small spaces. And, our hyperlocal placement of the Farm is essential to getting the freshest greens to our clients possible while reducing the carbon footprint of farming by more than 90%.

Hammock Greens - Sustainability


We take our role in repairing the world seriously. We use less fossil fuels and water than conventional agriculture and we expend little to no gasoline in delivery. This means we have virtually no carbon footprint and are sustainably, efficiently producing maximum results in a fraction of traditional spaces.

Hammock Greens - Hydroponic Farming

Hydro­ponic Farming

Our proprietary vertical farming system uses hanging hydroponic columns to maximize space, water usage and food production per square foot. With just 10 gallons of water per week and only natural nutrients, we can produce about four tons of crop every year in every Farm.