Hammock Greens Hyper local. Hyper fresh.


Hammock Greens - Seeds


Every green starts from somewhere and at Hammock Greens the seeds (heirloom, old and new varieties, non-gmo) are selected, nurtured and planted meticulously to produce the best tasting, healthiest organic greens possible.

Hammock Greens - Planting


We grow 20 plants per square foot of farm space per month. This means we can yield as much crop as can be grown on 1/3 of an acre in 3% of the space.

Hammock Greens - Greens


We grow our greens in a controlled environment so we can offer a constant supply of fresh, flavorful lettuces, herbs, & microgreens all the time. Plus, we’re constantly adding new varieties seasonally.

Hammock Greens - Lifecycle

From root to plate. Literally.

Hammock Greens - Picking


The first time most of our greens are even touched (by gloves) is at picking. We review each green and look to harvest them at the height of their freshness, ensuring a quality, great tasting green.

Hammock Greens - Packaging


Hand packaged and sent off with love. Our greens get reviewed and scrutinized to ensure size, quality, texture and taste. Only after they pass through our watchful eyes are they ready for our clients and their customers!