Hammock Greens Hyper local. Hyper fresh.

Inside the Container

Hammock Greens - Vertical Farming

Vertical Farming

Our proprietary vertical farming system uses hanging hydroponic columns, maximizing crop production by growing food from ceiling to floor.

Hammock Greens - Recycled Water

Recycled Water

We only use 10 gallons of recycled water per week per individual Farm and we carefully manage it through our digital watering application.

Hammock Greens - Inside the Container

From root to plate. Literally.

Hammock Greens - All Year Round

All Year Round

Our climate controlled Farms are not subject to weather or elements so we can grow rich, fresh, organic food all year round without worry of seasonal influences.

Hammock Greens - Harvested Alive

Harvested Alive

 Individual heads of lettuce are planted, grown, harvested alive and delivered on hydroponic, organic “coconut fiber pods” to restaurants and retail markets.