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Hammock Greens - Thomas Smitherman, CGO

Thomas Smitherman, CGO

Founder and farmer, Thomas brings decades of experience in the food sales and marketing world. An entrepreneur at heart, Thomas started this business from an inspired daydream in a hammock and a belief that “money should never stand in the way of your dreams.” Thomas was a National Manager for major wine makers and owner of Bootlegger’s Beverage Distribution. HG focuses Thomas’s Wine Country expertise with a shrewd understanding of operational efficiencies. With degrees from Culinary Institute of America and University of Maryland, a family background in agribusiness, and a deep understanding of hydroponics, Thomas is involved in the operations, sales, and expansion of Hammock Greens.

Hammock Greens - Aaron Dreilinger, GSDG

Aaron Dreilinger, Principal

Chef and businessman, Aaron’s background is in sustainable design and culinary arts. He is deeply rooted in Miami’s local food movement and passionate about cuisine. As co-owner of Chef David Cuisine and Event Design, and a 15-year career as a successful Miami chef, Aaron brings a unique understanding of the produce and foodservice market, including distribution and purchasing. Prior to this, he was Corporate Executive Chef for Celebrity Cruises where he managed an annual fleet food budget of $1.2 million. In his spare time, Aaron sits on the board of two local non-profit organizations, Slow Food Miami and FLIPANY (Florida Introduces Physical Activity and Nutrition to Youth). Aaron studied sustainable design at both the University of Maryland and Australia’s Permaculture Research Institute.